With 25 years’ experience and over 50,000 countertops installed, we understand stone. Every month we’ll cover an array of topics while sharing our knowledge and expertise with you.

Natural stone can help you turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis

Spring has sprung and that means more time in the great out-of-doors. With good planning, materials, and design, you can have your own parcel of paradise right in your backyard. Incorporate natural stone elements for a fashionable and functional outdoor kitchen, and enjoy the warm weather in style. Elements of an exceptional exterior If you’ve…

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Stone is making a (back)splash in 2019

When it comes to kitchens, much is written about countertops and cabinets—both are strong focal points adding as much to the design as functionality of the room. The discussion of backsplashes is meagre in comparison, an unfortunate oversight when you consider that the space behind your appliances can handily spiff up your kitchen while protecting…

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Quartz: An eco-friendly option for countertops

Homeowners are increasingly concerned with eco-friendliness in their construction and renovation projects. This might mean using reclaimed or upcycled materials and low toxicity paints or looking at installing energy efficient systems like solar panels or low-flow faucets. Did you know that your countertops can be eco-friendly as well? Quartz is an engineered stone that offers…

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Natural stone countertops: ¾” versus 1 ¼” slabs

When considering natural stone for your countertops, you’re likely most interested in the colour, pattern, and type of material to best suit your needs. There’s another choice to make, however: the surface thickness. For decades, the industry standard for natural stone countertops was ¾” (2 centimetres), but more recently, 1 ¼” (3 centimetres) countertops have…

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Countertop installation: What you need to know

With 25 years of experience serving Southern Ontarians, we’ve come to understand the process of countertop installation inside and out, and we are pleased to be able to offer the absolute best selection of stone installed quickly and professionally. Over the years, we’ve gotten a pretty good sense of what our customers think, too—and the…

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Trend alert: Two-tone kitchens

Whether it’s cooking, socializing, or design trends, kitchens are where the action is. Two-tone cabinetry, where some of the cabinets are finished in a different colour or material, is showing up all over the place—and with good reason. It’s versatile and stylish, and, because you needn’t cover all surfaces in the same material, can have…

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Trend alert: Veined quartz countertops

Homeowners and designers alike are always on the lookout for the most stylish and durable materials. When it comes to countertops, quartz is on the rise—especially those patterns that mimic the natural appearance of real stone. Read on to find out more about why veined quartz countertops are topping the trend lists for 2018 and…

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Combatting the myth that granite countertops are bad for your health

If you’re interested in construction or home improvement, chances are you’ve come across the idea that granite emits radon, a radioactive gas. Stories to this effect began showing up in the mainstream press a few decades ago, raising the alarm among homeowners that their countertops may cause cancer. 

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Granite or quartz? A countertop buyer’s guide

If you’re considering including stone in your home, chances are you’ve heard of the granite versus quartz debate. Proponents of each can be terrifically passionate about their choice, but is one really better than the other? In this article we’ll look at the properties of each, and suggest appropriate uses for both.

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