A durable beauty

Quartzite countertops are becoming very popular because of their durability. Unlike quartz countertops which are engineered, quartzite is a natural stone that is mined. Quartzite is a beautiful stone and each slab is unique.

Quartzite is created when sandstone is put under high pressure and temperature. It is mined and we purchase it from these mines in slabs, just like we do with marble and granite. Back in our Woodstock facility, we cut, polish and seal the slab.

WHY CHOOSE Quartzite

  • High durability is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
  • A very strong stone
  • Each piece is unique
  • Heat resistant
  • Known for their beauty
  • A naturally-occurring stone


We are experts in all things stone, but we understand that you aren’t. Most likely, you have a lot of questions-maybe about the differences between the types of stone, or which stone is better for your project, or care and maintenance as an example. To help you, we have compiled the most common questions we are asked in our FAQ section. Hopefully the answers you are look for are there, but if not, we are happy to answers any questions you may have.


We travel the world to hand pick our stone, and we offer the largest in-stock selection in Southern Ontario. View some of our most popular colour options here, and visit our showrooms to see the complete range.

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